All Antwerp. “In Philadelphia I learned to appreciate living in a city” (Antwerp)

Rutger van Aelst (33) and Kiwi (1). , © Natida-Jeanne Kanyachlao

Antwerp ,

Each week our reporters and photographers pick a random passerby off the street for a great conversation. Because everyone has a story. And of course in Antwerp. Today: Rutger van Aelst (33).

“We live actually in the heart of the historical center Antwerp, but in a very quiet street. With my wife and our dog Kiwi. My wife and I met in the USA, where we lived for a while in Philadelphia.”

“I had never lived in any city before. I come from Kempen, but when I lived in the United States, we really learned to appreciate living in a city. When we got back, we ended up in Antwerp in no time.

“I’m in industrial automation. I write software for the manufacturing industry. Currently for the pharmaceutical sector, but I’ve already worked for different sectors. It gets very detailed.

“I’ve already worked all over the world, but now I mainly have clients from Belgium. I’ve traveled all over the world and worked in Africa, Asia and therefore also in the United States. Lots of fun doing it Came. Even if you haven’t seen it in a long time. It’s been a good few years, but now I’m here in Antwerp in the right place.

Rutger van Aelst (33) and Kiwi (1). , © Natida-Jeanne Kanyachlao


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