Billie Eilish bites as best she can: The most memorable responses to the constant haters

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American singer Billie Eilish (21) has been trying to deal with haters for years. She does this by directly addressing them in interviews and on social media. Earlier this week, she again put followers who criticized her clothing style to their place. We round up five other equally memorable rebuttals from the star.

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“I’ve been dragged through the mud over the years because of my clothing choices,” said therefore I amThe singer via her Instagram stories earlier this week. “Some people say I look too masculine, others think I’d be prettier if I acted more feminine. When I decided to look more feminine, I was criticized for not being the old Billy. And I was called a traitor. People commenting on me are hypocrites. Let women be. Did you know that women are versatile? Shocking right? Believe it or not, women can be interested in more than one thing Is.

For another response, we go back to 2020. In October of that year, the singer was photographed in a top – very different from her familiar loose outfits. This provoked criticism and backlash from Eilish. “You need to start normalizing real bodies, okay? A belly is normal. And boobs sag, especially after breastfeeding. Instagram isn’t real.

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in an interview Guardian, which is due in July 2021, the star revealed she has anything but a high opinion of “fans” who spend hours online spreading hateful comments and condemning others. “Uugh. These people do nothing. I’m like, Do something with your life! Go somewhere. Find a hobby.”

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Eilish even dedicated an entire short film to teaching her haters a lesson. In this, she is shown taking off her baggy clothes and stepping into the black water. The voice-over satirizes the behavior of bullies in an ironic way. “Some people hate what they wear, some people admire it. Some use it to embarrass others, some use it to embarrass me. But I guess you’re always watching. And whatever I do doesn’t go unnoticed. Do you wish I were short, weak, soft, tall? do you want me to shut up? Are my shoulders too hot? or is it my boobs? am i my stomach my hips? The body I was born with, isn’t that what you wanted?”

The singer also gets annoyed when she’s in the press – or bombarded with comments online – for the wrong reasons, as she revealed in an interview with the entertainment site pop life In September 2021. “Why should people have an opinion about what I do, what I say or wear, how I look and what I feel. I just want to make music. I am a simple girl who loves to sing. It’s not that deep. Just listen to the music and shut up about my life. A slightly more flippant response to her haters came in the same month, when she admitted it was difficult to avoid clashing with the Billie Eilish incident. “No matter what I do, I cannot help myself. I am everywhere. I’m sorry for all the people who hate me because they can’t even avoid me. But I don’t want to read about Billie Eilish from someone who doesn’t know anything about me. Please! I want to make music.

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