Hostage victims themselves now guilty of drug violence (Antwerp 2018)

Antwerp, Düren ,

The Antwerp Criminal Court has sentenced four youths to effective prison terms for their involvement in an attack on the LH family. The attack was foiled by family operatives, after which two of the attackers were abducted and assaulted.

On the night of August 9, 2022, three young men, who were planning an attack on a home of the LH. family in Van Lissumstraat in Düren, were caught by a security team of the targeted family. When the security team intervened the youths had thrown the thief paint on the mask and wanted to set fire to a family vehicle. The El H. family has been the target of drug attacks before.

All three fled, but two of them were intercepted at the Wipstraat in Antwerp. They were taken to a shed, where they were caught and thrashed. He was released the next day. Images of the gagged and mutilated attackers were made public via Gazette van Antwerpen.

Police were able to identify one of the attackers, who was taken hostage, through the car in which he drove to Van Lissumstraat. Fahad H. (19) said that he received a call from someone whom he knew only by his surname. The man had earlier helped him find his motorcycle and was indebted to him. He directed Fahad H. along with Serigne D. (19) to set fire to the LH family vehicle and spray-paint a message on the front.

However, they are caught and run away. However, the customer sent him back together with Genyro A. (19). They walked straight into the arms of the guards of the LH family.

Serigne D. said he was pressured into participating and would receive 500 euros. He had spray-painted ‘Chor’ on the mask. Gennaro A disputed his involvement in the attack. Customer Identification (21) But he also denied it. The court did not doubt the statements of Fahad H. and Giorno L. Found guilty of. The facts in respect of the other defendants were also declared proved. “Such attacks not only cause physical harm but also cause immense fear. The fact that the two accused were stopped by a security team and severely beaten shows that these May escalate violence.

Giorno L. and Gennaro A. were sentenced to five and four years in prison, respectively. The court has also ordered his immediate arrest. Serigne D. and Fahad H. were jailed for three years each. The trial against the guard will follow later. (Vada/Belga)

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