Is The Idol’s Main Character Based On Britney Spears? Lily-Rose Depp reacts to the rumours. celebrities

Lily-Rose Depp’s big TV debut has been hit with disastrous reactions and lots of rumors. In ‘The Idol’ she plays pop star Jocelyn who does everything she can to get her status and career back on track after a nervous breakdown. She slowly falls under the spell of a mysterious nightclub owner (and cult leader), played by Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd).

“Is the main character, pop star Jocelyn, based on Britney Spears?” Lily-Rose Depp in a conversation with “Extra” debunked these gossip. “No, it’s not based on anyone in particular… We’re certainly not trying to tell someone else’s story, we’re creating our own.” He continues: “It’s a fictional character and a fictional story. There were many different people who inspired me for this role. Some were pop stars, some were not.”

“I wanted Jocelyn to feel like a modern pop queen of today, but like someone who existed in her world and her time. So I took a lot of inspiration from actresses like Gene Tierney and Sharon Stone. I found women like Looks very inspiring.”

‘The Idol’ will be with us to watch on Streamz from 5th June, 2023.

Look Trailer of ‘The Idol’.

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