Provincial newcomer champion Jasper Verbrugge aims for podium at Belgian Cup in Kockijde: “I want to get ticket to European Youth Olympic Festival” (cycling)

Cycling Novices’ Cup of Belgium in Koksijde

Jasper Verbrugge would also not mind missing out on BK for a spot in the selection for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Slovenia. “It seems to me to be a formidable experience.” , © VDB

Koxisde/Lichtervelde ,

It goes without saying that Jasper Verbrugge is ready for Saturday’s round of the Belgian Cup in Koxisde. Last weekend, he hit two days in a row. “I want and must continue to perform at a high level, as I am part of the pre-selection for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Slovenia.”

Michael Vanden Heide

Luc Wallace-Jonge, the second year of the cycling team Renners Roeselare, rides alone through the flowers on Sunday in Lauve. The next day he easily arranged the sprint with three in Morselle. “I’m satisfied with the way things are going,” says Lichterwelder. “I never expected to reach my target of five wins in May. And my solo shot was crazy too. I have clearly become stronger.

“My provincial jersey adds extra sparkle to my season. I hope to pave another great path as per my wish. In Koksijde I want to play for the podium. When Thibaut Van Damme starts, it will be difficult to win. It is a pity that climbing (High Blaker, ed.) just before the finish line. It won’t be easy to differentiate. I’m going to rely on my sprints. This year I have already proved that my explosiveness is at its peak.

Verbrugge wheeled everyone out during the West Flemish title fight at Edinkerk. “Meanwhile I could have already won in different ways. Coming alone is nice and less stressful, but I also join the crowd without any fear. It is important to perform great in Koksijde. I am looking forward to my chances. I want to assure the national coach about this. I dream of a ticket to Slovenia. The fact that I will miss the Belgian Championships is the least of my worries. The European Youth Olympic Festival (July 23-29) gives me a wonderful It takes experience.

Climbing course in Herbeaumont

On Sundays he also drives to Roselare, where his club is located. “That curriculum can still be added,” the Latin student says. “There are almost two weeks in the exam. On those days I would go easy on the bike, but after that I would go on an internship with the national selection. It will be the ideal run-up to the uphill race in Herbeaumont, where I want to test myself.

“Combining with school will be quite difficult in the long run. As a junior I will have to complete long training sessions. In the meantime I have decided to switch to economics-modern languages. Once in university or college, I will apply for a customized Hope to be able to follow the trajectory, so that my cycling career is not in jeopardy.

After an absence of six years, Royal Veloclub de United Friends Koksijde once again presents a round of the Belgian Cup. Nine rounds of 8.8 kilometers have been programmed. The third road race of the regularity criterium starts at 2.30 pm.

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