Sepe de vos joins the places of honor together: “twice and then in the books” (Lokern).

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The following weekend, De Vos would run another race for the Belgian Cup at Bonheden and a fair race at Beerbeek. , © Geert de Recke

After missing out on the provincial title three weeks ago, Seppe de Vos has continued to perform at a high level. He also played key roles in the Belgian Championship.

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“I probably had to put in a bit more energy chasing the leading group at the Belgian Championships, which didn’t include anyone from the Van Moor team,” says de Vos. “The plan was to be there, but my legs weren’t good in the first half of the race. So it was good in itself that it wasn’t such a difficult course. It was only after about fifty kilometers that I passed and I didn’t feel the pedals anymore .. But participating to win was no longer of any use”, explains Eksardenar, who finished eleventh in the final.

Nevertheless, de Vos also started at Navale the next day. “To my surprise, I hardly felt the effect of the first day’s efforts,” says de Vos. “It wasn’t an easy race there either, but with lots of headwind, lots of turns and lots of narrow roads, it was important to stay well in front. So I rode on the attack for the whole race. First we took ten Then we had five left. When a chase group came in fast, I pulled away from that leading group with Xander Baele. In the last lap I tried to move Xander, but he wouldn’t let go. I fell behind in the sprint.”

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The following weekend, De Vos would run another race for the Belgian Cup at Bonheden and a fair race at Beerbeek. “Going full twice and hoping the legs stay as good as the last few weeks. Afterwards the belt is closed for a while and the test is awaited. I’m in my final year at Sint-Lodwijkscollege in Lokeren. Next year I want to study LO and Kinesiology at Ghent University. I hope to find a team where I can grow further as a promise. In future, the focus will be on road work. Crossing is a fun way to maintain conditions in the winter. And I also love to go mountain biking, but it’s hard to combine that discipline with working on the road. So let’s stop there,” said the younger brother of elite rider Nele de Vos, who mainly finds his way through the field.

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