Will Smith protects Earth in Men in Black

How do you protect the earth from aliens? will smith and tommy lee jones will do it men in Black With a black suit, cool sunglasses, oversized weapons, and a device to erase memories.

Aliens visiting Earth is a favorite subject of movies. Aliens usually arrive on Earth with much cacophony, noise and displays of muscle. Not inside men in Black.

men in Black

Aliens have been with us for years in science fiction comedies. Inconspicuous and well disguised. So good, in fact, that one hardly knows they’re there.

special forces agent men in Black Know. It’s a good thing, because they have to make sure foreign visitors behave a little.

Agents J (Tommy Lee Jones) and K (Will Smith) are engaged. Especially when an alien with evil intentions takes over the body of a dumb farmer.

Will Jay and Kay be able to stop the aliens and save Earth?

Will Smith

It was close to Will Smith getting his part men in Black did not play

When producer Steven Spielberg called to ask him for the role, Smith did not believe he was actually talking to Spielberg. The actor felt that someone was playing a trick on him.

After reading the film’s script, Smith wanted to say thank you for the role. It was thanks to his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, that the actor finally agreed.

Good thing also: men in Black Became a big hit. The film grossed nearly $600 million and spawned three sequels.

The fourth part was published in June 2019: men in Black: international, Without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson play his successors.

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