Americans dress like Europeans (and think we live in a fairy tale) –

We once loved everything that came from America, but now it’s the other way around: Americans dream of traveling to Europe and a real fashion trend has emerged around our continent. Under the hashtag #EuropeCore, Americans explain what to wear on vacation to Europe.

what is all that? Lots of linens, bright fabrics and easy goings. No heels at all. “Because you’re going to break your feet and shoes on a lot of rocks,” says TikToker Abbey Sadler. They seem to have picturesque medieval streets with cobblestone paths all over Europe.

He also has a special image of the European summer. For example, it is not recommended to wear a bikini or clothing with many straps. “Hot temperatures make you swell and you feel uncomfortable. Plus, it’s ugly if you get burned in it, ”says Audrey Peters. the other side is linen way to go. After all, Europe is very hot and impractical, and linen is comfortable.

There’s also the idea that Europe is one big fairy tale. And so #Europecore also includes bright floral dresses, wide-brimmed hats and fringed bags. Because many Americans cannot afford to travel to Europe, they are also copying the trend at home.

The fashion was born from photographs of American celebrities such as Sofia Richie, Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, who like to spend holidays in Italy or Greece.

In general, many Americans think life is better here. At least it is so. Someone writes on TikTok, “Why is life so much easier in Europe than in America?” “My escape from my current reality is planning for my vacation in Europe,” says someone else.

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