Brent Van de Kerkhove celebrates his return to Heist-op-Den-Berg on Saturday in Gulgem: “My second home race” (cycling)

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While his beautiful sister Phebe has been wearing the Miss ‘Social Media’ ribbon for a year, Brent van de Kerkhove (28) celebrated his return to the Gullgem Coors after a fall at the Veenendaal Classic sent the Gerardsburg professional to the emergency department Had to travel earlier this month. legacy cost. The Heiste Pijl is on the agenda for Saturday.

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Brent Van de Kerkhove scored a death blow at Veenendaal and the first reports were decidedly ominous. “In one descent, several riders crashed. I was able to avoid the crash until suddenly a bike came in front of me and I flipped. Later I saw on my Garmin that I was hitting the ground at 64 kmph It was a terrible blow that tore my helmet to pieces, but I barely had any scratches. I lay right on my back and was diagnosed with a 13 percent indentation of vertebra P12 in Herentals, AZ . Initially a corset was considered, but in consultation with my sports doctor it was decided not to use it. Recovery went surprisingly smoothly. After a few sessions with the physiotherapist I was back at Gullgem on Tuesday was allowed to start. It was difficult especially in the first half of the race as I missed the rhythm. Also I experienced discomfort mainly in my neck, as I also had whiplash in Veenendaal, Which is said to keep me in pain for another month.”

On his return to Gulgem, Brent Van de Kerkhove mixed the final in the debate on serve to sprinter Timothy Dupont, who finished third behind Vaure Vagheuwe and Tim Marlier. “Gullegem was no laughing matter on the restart with a course with many ups and downs, while again a few accidents were recorded. For example, the race was also disqualified in the first round after a fall with forty riders. I didn’t want to risk myself in the sprint for Flowers and was happy that I got the job done and was rewarded with a podium place for DuPont. I need running to sharpen my fitness now. With Houthalen, Rudervoorde, Walhain, Puivelde Corse, Wodeck and Veenendaal on the counter, I was on the upswing of form, until that ominous diagnosis at Herentals threatened to jeopardize my season.

On Saturday, Brent Heist can count on the support of some enthusiastic fans. “My girlfriend Leanne comes from Heist-op-Den-Berg and I moved last year. We live 300m from the start and finish. Besides the City Prize, the Heiste Pijl is therefore my second home race. Besides Leanne My parents and sister Phebe will also sign on. My sister and I support each other through thick and thin, even though we work in two completely different industries.”

Training Buddies Evenpole and D Plus

Brent remembers his training buddies Remco Evenpoel and Lawrence de Plus. “I am a Gerardsbergen native in heart and soul, you know. After his retirement at the Giro, I trained with Remco once again. Laurens and Remco are my best training buddies and I got to go to the Flemish Ardennes with them Feels good. In Heist-op-Den-Berg I usually train on my own and it is less enjoyable.

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