Bruce Willis’ daughter clarifies about his illness: “At first I thought he was not interested in me anymore”

Tallulah Willis talks to ‘Vogue’ about her father Bruce’s illness. , © WireImage

Tallulah Willis, daughter of actor Bruce Willis, has shared her experience with her ailing father. It was announced in February that the Hollywood star has dementia, while also suffering from the language disorder aphasia.

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Tallulah Willis writes in a magazine article the trend About his experience with his father’s aphasia and dementia. In it, she admits that she and her family at first thought Willis was unresponsive due to hearing loss. But when his illness worsened, he took it personally. Tallulah Willis writes, “He had two children with my stepmother, Emma Heming Willis, and I thought he had lost interest in me.” “Even though it was completely false, my mind tortured me with the thought that I was not pretty enough for my mother and not interesting enough for my father.”

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According to Tallulah Willis, the actor had been battling health problems for some time when it was announced in 2022 that he was suffering from aphasia. During this same period, she suffered from anorexia, which she says she avoided and denied her father’s health problems. “While I was posting my disfigured body on Instagram, my father was suffering silently,” says Tallulah Willis. “All kinds of tests were done, but we didn’t have a diagnosis yet.”

never a wedding speech

So she had a tough time in 2021 when she attended a wedding as a guest and the bride’s father gave a speech there. Tallulah Willis writes, “I suddenly realized that there would never be a moment for my father to talk about me at my wedding.” “It was devastating. I left the table and cried outside in the bushes.

Now she wants to create more and more memories with her father. Tallulah Willis writes that when she visits the actor, she takes lots of pictures and keeps all of his voicemails on a hard drive. “I’m trying to make a document to remember him by when he’s gone,” she writes.

According to him, the actor still recognizes Tallulah Willis and is happy when his daughter visits him. But she also knows that her condition will only get worse. “I know difficult times are coming and this is the beginning of grief,” she writes. “I keep switching between present and past tense when I talk about Bruce: he is, he was, he is, he was. That’s because I have so many expectations of my father that I can’t let go. . I’ve always looked up to his personality in my own and I know that if we’d had more time we’d have been really good friends.”

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