Brussels residents risk an indicative 4,000 euro fine for selling counterfeit perfume (Brussels)

The man offered several bottles of counterfeit perfume for sale at the night market in Blankenburg. , © Getty Images/iStockphoto

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A Brussels man has been slapped with a token fine of 4,000 euros for selling fake perfume bottles at a night market in Blankenburg. This is the minimum sentence. BM said that it was not him but someone else who used to run the stand, but that person fled on seeing the police.

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On 28 May last year, police and government services carried out checks during evening parties in Blankenberge. “That’s how they reached BM’s stand,” said the lawyer. “On a carpet on the floor were several bottles of perfume from brands such as Armani and Boss, about twenty in total. There was no price tag and it soon became clear that it was a fake. BM was identified and was about to accompany the inspectors for questioning, but suddenly jumped into his car and drove away. The minimum penalty for such offenses is usually 1 year in prison or a fine of 4,000 Euros. I ask for a token fine of 4,000 euros.

BM can no longer enjoy the moratorium and effectively threatens to pay the fine. He fumbled with strange explanations. “I was at sea with my family and the booth was not mine but that of an Arab. When he saw the police he suddenly ran away leaving me alone. The perfume was mine but I also bought it in Blankenburg for 300 Euros and later It was on the carpet to resell”, claims BM Vonis on 30 June.

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