Former Van Metzoor launches clothing line in collaboration with bosom friend: “Maybe he wants to pose with our clothes?” (turnout)

He’s had a million vague ideas for a long time, one of them soon becoming a reality in March. Then Kolrey and Colette’s ‘baby’, Britt van den Eijden (38) and Karolynn Verbeek (43), saw the light of day. “And we still think: Oh, are we doing this?” Britt laughs.

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The line includes clothing bearing the Kempen inscription. “It already exists in Antwerp with the Claire brand. But we felt there was still a gap in the market for Kempen. And we wanted to do it our own way. Coloring outside the lines, adding a little more rock and roll. It could be a little more daring for all of us. Keep things in perspective, have fun, don’t be too serious: that’s how we are.

Britt and Karolion met when they were classmates at a school in Turnhout. Britt worked there as an administrative clerk, Karolian is a graphic designer and teaches. In the Colère and Colette story they complement each other perfectly. “I often come up with an idea and Karolian then develops it. She is very creative and has a lot of experience in graphic design for clothing. She does Metzur merchandise, for example. (read more below photo)

The collection also has children’s sizes, as Max and Luz (Britt’s daughters) and Renee (Caroline’s daughter) show. , © Koen Fasir

Not too long ago, Britt was the girlfriend of Joris ‘Matejur’ van Rossem (32). They were together for four years before the relationship deteriorated in early April. However this did not change the cooperation with the Karolians. “She’s incredibly good at her job. So we thought: If it works for Joris merchandise, why not for us?”

“The Break Up Is Fresh”

Kolere & Colette was already under construction when Joris and Britt were still together. “He was very excited about it at the time and was really supportive. I would definitely love it if he would pose with our clothes, although I haven’t asked yet. Break-ups are always difficult.” , and it’s still fresh,” she says. The popular singer has also recently launched a clothing line on E5 Mode.

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Other well-known residents of Turnhout are also targets of Caro and Britt. “Mayor Paul Van Maert was already enthusiastic, and Koen de Bou is already following our Instagram page,” she laughs broadly. The first line is dedicated to the Turnhout dialect of the friends’ hometown.

“Turnhout has a very distinctive dialect, with many funny words and proverbs. A resident of Turnhout is a hunchback, This is the first design we started working on. But we want to highlight the entire campaign. The dialect is also so diverse. You can hear the word ‘rabbit’ thirty different ways here. Whether it’s Reties, Arendonks or Rijkevorsels, we want to explore them all.”

online store coming

The first collection, which includes hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts and rompers, will be available next Sunday at the Turnhout market. kill me streke suggested. “We are one of fifty exhibitors to market the renovated Le Bon car park. We are really looking forward to it and very curious about the first reactions. We are very confident in it. We don’t have any big business plans, But we plan to explore summer bars and lucrative markets and then start a web shop. (read more below photo)

© Koen Fasir

As of now, all the information can be found on the Instagram page ‘ColorCollette’. Where is the name from? “It’s not that I’m a coller myself, and Caro Collet,” Britt laughs. “We can both be creative and chaotic, or bring peace. Sometimes one is already a little more Colère than the other, or we’re both a real Colère. We take turns,” he laughs.

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