Royal Blood’s audience understands what rock music is and only applauds when the guitarist comes on

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tom rez

can you hear this? Yes, there it is again: the world’s smallest violin. and this week she’s just playing for Royal blood ttt mike kerrHalf of the group, who stood upright during the performance, once again showed their younger side by reprimanding the audience during a concert in Dundee. This time, he thought, the reaction to his moves wasn’t spirited enough. TTT Suckerday Mike: ‘I’ll just introduce myself, since you obviously don’t know who we are: We’re Royal Blood, and this is rock music. , ben thatcher, the kind of drummer that jokes are made about sitting there watching TTT if it was rock music: maybe the audience applauded until the guitarist even showed up? To top it all, Mike made his performance even better by lifting his middle finger and tucking it into the wings. However after playing all their songs properly, otherwise they will have to refund their fees. Lewis Capaldi, with whom they may not share much fans. We say: now lady edna Is buried, Mike Kerr can claim the title of loudest drama queen in the Anglo-Saxon world TTT