See the difference between these Disney classics and their remakes


‘Mulan’ was one of the ’90s instant hit and received the live action treatment in 2020. There are definitely some notable differences with the original version. For example, the remake is not a musical, Magical Dragon Mushu Disappeared in the mist of time and replaced by a phoenix. Some other characters from the 1998 animated film are also missing, including Li Shang and his nosy grandmother. It is replaced by a new character: Xiangyang, A powerful witch who has mastered the art of shapeshifting. She is shunned by her family and community for collaborating with a vengeful general. Boris Khan. Both Xiangyang and Mulan have a superpower, Chi. One reason for not accepting Mulan is that women were not allowed to have this power in Chinese society: chi is only for noble (male) warriors.

The Lion King

This 90s classic may still be fresh in the memory of many viewers today. story of youth simba, Returning to challenge his sinister Uncle Scar, his father’s killer, to gain control of the animal kingdom, could be considered one of the greatest Disney classics. So it’s no surprise that the 1994 cartoon received a live action version twenty-five years later. In the remake, it is revealed that Scar had a crush on Sara Her brother’s queen, instead of just being power hungry. Zazu Most of the second half of the animated film takes place in a cage. This is not the case in the new version and he has a more active role in the story. He also participates in the final battle. Finally, the famous hit ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ is performed in its entirety in the live action version, not just an excerpt, as in the animated film.

101 Dalmatier

The film ranks as the first live-action remake that Disney has produced of a previously released film classic. The story of the 1961 film was based on the novel of the same name dodie smith from 1956 and re-released on the silver screen in 1996 with a lead role Glen Close Like Cruella. The role earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. Emma Stone to reprise the role of a younger version of the villain in the 2021 prequel ‘Cruella’. This Latest Remake of ‘101 Dalmatians’ Keeps Most of the Storyline, With One Exception Era in which the film takes place. ‘Cruella’ is set in the 1990s while the original films were made in the 1950s. Another notable difference from the original films is that dalmatians no longer speak In the remake, unlike the cartoon.


Dumbo was brought back in this 2019 live-action remake. In this new version, it is not Timmy, the talking bird and mouse from the original story, who are best friends of the giant-eared elephant, but owner’s children Circus. The latter learns that Dumbo can fly and encourages him to believe in his talent. After the baby elephant’s mother is abducted, the children support the young pachyderm in their search for her. disney has one large number of adjustments implemented in the remake. For example, the scene where Dumbo and his friends accidentally drink champagne from a barrel and hallucinate about pink elephants was omitted from the story. crow leader too jim crow And his companions are no longer with us. The reason is not far to seek: In the United States, the term “Jim Crow” is particularly controversial because it named a series of laws that enforced a strict segregation between black and white American citizens between 1880 and 1965. Is.


A live action version of the 1992 cartoon was released in 2019. director guy richie The film adaptation headed in the right direction, with lead roles for Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott. became none other than the role of the soul Will Smith Able. The biggest difference from the original version is that the character of Princess Jasmine is far more independent than before. She wants to marry not only for love but also to become the first female Sultan of Agrabah. The new version also introduces a new character called Servant. dalia, who is not immune to the charms of the soul. Zafar’s story is further developed and you as a viewer learn that he grows up as a street kid like Aladdin.

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