That Taylor Swift Is Smarter Than She First Looks

Mark Koenen is a columnist.

Mark Koenen

And if that wasn’t bad enough: Taylor Swift isn’t with that greasy Matty Healy anymore, is she? That 1975 singer who just couldn’t open his mouth or came out with something controversial? Bastard who likes to watch a lot of burnt porn, it seems, and not so long ago downed a plate of raw meat, doing a dirty act with his lower body, all on stage?

So that one, yes.

If you do a little digging into his name, you’ll find a far more debauchery and temperamental demeanor than our Mattie: he loves controversy and irony, a combination that is almost fatal in these times that are prone to all kinds of sensitivities and certain publicly on stage.

This is the shortest route for the Beggars, although it will take some time before they reach the hat, as 1975 are a very popular group, which they undoubtedly intend to prove soon at Rock Werchter. They are however on the first day and very early, at a quarter to six in the evening: curious whether they will survive in full sun. And will Swift join us on backing vocals?

The ultimate American preppy phenomenon who shares a bed with a mourner without courtesy: We can laugh in these sad times and we love to enjoy their stories.

Swift’s fan army does so with long teeth and great reluctance, because they not only have strong opinions about her music, but also want to check that she’s falling in the middle of the sheet with the right people. No. She’s not Healy – an anti-womanizer according to many Swifties who thoroughly tarnishes Taylor’s spotless reputation – at all. With every statement he makes, Swift’s idealized image is torn to shreds, and people are not loving it. Heroes must remain heroes, even if they inadvertently fart or gravitate towards a bad boy with behavioral problems.

Even his allies are not convinced. Azealia Banks, the American rap star, in a furious and widely read rant on Instagram, likened her to a form of rabies and implored Swift to put her down. Atmosphere!

It doesn’t matter, Healy swears to himself, knowing full well that his bank account gets filled with every riot. And she’s right: There are already too many choir boys in pop music, and Swift is a lot smarter than she first appears.

If Matty Healy of 1975 can bring back the punk spirit of 1977, he’s got my blessing.

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