The Public Prosecution Service wants to definitively close the controversial dog specialty store Puppy House in Boechout

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Antwerp, Bouchout ,

The Public Prosecution Service has called for tougher penalties against Bouchout specialty dog ​​store Puppy House – now called Happy Doggy – and its managers. The solicitor general asks the court to definitively close the case and ban Mathew C and his wife from keeping animals.

On Wednesday, the appeals court once again examined the file surrounding Puppy House, a dog specialty store in Bouchout that regularly receives negative news because the operators are labeled “bread breeders”. The dog business of Matthew C and his wife would largely import dogs from the Eastern Bloc without respecting regulations on the environment and animal welfare. According to the Attorney General, the Puppy House would not have an environment permit to keep and trade dogs on such a large scale in a residential area.

In addition, Puppy House is also being sued for violating animal welfare laws. Dozens of duped customers claim to have bought puppies that later turned out to be seriously ill. Furthermore, the manager failed to call a veterinarian if the animals were seriously ill. Former employees testified, among other things, how Matthew C. threw away the dead, still-living puppies with household waste.

in the dustbin

Gaia’s lawyer, Master Anthony Godfried, played Wednesday a video from the criminal file that showed how a puppy that was still breathing was pulled out of the trash. Godfroid also showed a photo of a sick puppy rescued from a dumpster by a former Puppy House employee. “He rescued and raised the animal,” Godfried said. “It’s still alive today.”

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The attorney general praised the “monkey work” of Gaia’s lawyer, who revealed, among other things, how Puppy House managers managed to manipulate the dogs’ identity data online. “The dogs that were alive were pronounced dead,” Godfroid said. “But those same dogs came out alive and were vaccinated by their own veterinarians.”

Those vets weren’t at the test (anymore) on Wednesday, sorry Gaia. A vet said she had examined a dog, while it was later revealed that this was not possible at all, as she attended a Simple Minds concert in Saint-Tropez. Veterinarians at Puppy House systematically passed off young puppies for sale as healthy, while many of the animals later showed severe signs of illness.

6 months in jail

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded the permanent closure of the Puppy House. The attorney general sought six months in prison, a fine of 16,000 euros and a ban on keeping animals against business manager Matthew C. The OM also asked for fine and ban on keeping animals for Mathew C’s wife. The prosecution also sought forfeiture of illegal capital gains of 531,000 euros.

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In recent weeks, police and the judiciary have twice raided the case in Bouchout after several suspicious deaths were reported by employees of the dog specialty store, which is now called Happy Doggy. In addition, the dead puppies would then be thrown away with household waste. This is not allowed, as animal carcasses must be processed by specialized extermination companies. Those recent facts are not part of a new criminal file against Puppy House/Happy Doggy.(VDAA)

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