VC Sparta Bevere throws in the towel for lack of players: “a completely unexpected turn at a time when the revival was just beginning” (Mele)

Football 3 Provincial C VC Sparta Bevere

Two months ago, KSVO sports manager Guido Vandenabiele, VC Sparta Bevere sports coordinator Guy de Vries and KSVO president Kurt Vandepute joined forces. The enthusiasm of signing the cooperation agreement was great, but proved short-lived. , © RR

Two months ago, KSV Oudenaarde president Kurt Vandepute and sports manager Guido Vandenabeele joined forces with VC Sparta Bèvre’s figurehead Guy de Vries. Sparta Beaver survived after an injection of Oudenaarde, but nothing came of it. Dreams are also deceptions in Oudenaarde. Sparta Bevere disappears from the football scene, Oudenaarde will not even have a B-team.

Freddy the Ghost

“There was certainly no lack of goodwill on both sides, but we presented the project as a little more rosy than it actually was,” says Guy de Vries, who has had some sad days. “We had started a revival. The number of volunteers increased and it became easier to attract sponsors. We felt that the future was smiling on us. Ultimately, the major problem was gathering enough players for a team in the Third Province. Oudenaarde had promised a substantial flow, but in the end none came from Oudenaarde. Neither side expected this. The transfer period has now ended and all players have shelter. We could do nothing except stop. The construction of KSV Oudenaarde B has also been cancelled. They wanted to fit our players into that team, but they didn’t like it.”

last farewell?

Sparta Bevere therefore disappears from view. “Sure? We can keep our registration number for another year. Never say never, but the chances are slim,” de Vries admitted. “It is with a heavy heart that our story ends at a time when there has been nothing but beautiful outlooks. There will be an artificial turf pitch at Bevere and investment in infrastructure will be made. It is disappointing that this only happens now especially those associated with Sparta Bevere. We’ve been asking for years. Now suddenly everything is possible. We have a dumb suspicion that VV Volksgem will come to Bevere to play football and there is also a chance that KSV Oudenaarde Will submit the promises there. A lot will become clear very soon.

No response from Oudenaarde

In Oudenaarde, Guido Vandenabile did not respond to a request for comment. Once again it turned out that the club with its own identity is easier to fit on paper than in reality. There was great enthusiasm when the cooperation agreement was signed. Sparta Beaver would revive and for Oudenaarde it was an opportunity to use Sparta’s infrastructure. now what? “A beautiful club disappears and it hurts because we have done everything possible to avoid it”, a disappointed Guy de Vries ended the conversation.

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