Zelensky wants a clear decision on Ukraine’s entry into NATO: “The time has come and doubts should disappear”

At the European Political Community summit in Moldova, Volodymyr Zelensky made an impassioned plea for his country’s entry into NATO and the European Union. It wants a clear decision on Ukrainian membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and also demands security guarantees during the accession process. “The time has come and doubts must disappear,” said the Ukrainian president.

At the summit in Moldova, Zelensky warned, “Any suspicion we show is a moat that Russia will try to occupy.” “All European countries that border Russia and do not want Russia to take part of their territory should become full members of NATO and the European Union,” he said. “There are only two options: either an open war or a creeping Russian hegemony. Every time we judge and make decisions about our values, in the interest of Europe, we must remind ourselves that any skepticism we show is a moat that Russia will try to occupy (… ) Every doubt brings more insecurity.

Ukraine has been an EU candidate country since June last year, and according to Zelensky, “a clear and positive decision is now needed” about the start of accession talks. At a summit in Vilnius in July, he expected NATO leaders to issue a “clear invitation to join NATO and security guarantees during the accession process”.

In parallel to the EPG summit, NATO foreign ministers are meeting in Oslo to discuss the possibility of reunification in Kiev. “We need to establish a framework for providing security guarantees to Ukraine after the end of the war,” said Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of the military alliance. American attitude matters a lot. According to a minister in Oslo, who wished to remain anonymous, Washington currently opposes NATO providing such security guarantees to Ukraine. Several member states have recently offered such guarantees to Sweden, whose entry has been blocked by Turkey and Hungary.


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