Cristiano Ronaldo welcomes Messi and Benzema with open arms in Saudi Arabia, but: “I would have liked to win something…”

Fourteen goals in sixteen games, but no awards. In a nutshell, Cristiano Ronaldo’s first season in Saudi Arabia. But the Portuguese world star is not planning to leave again.

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“Well, my expectations were a bit different,” Ronaldo – who missed Al-Nassr’s last match due to injury – soured slightly in an interview on the Saudi Pro League’s social media channels. “To be honest, I was hoping to win something this year, but things don’t always happen the way we think or want. Sometimes all we need is passion, stubbornness and persistence to get the best results. So I still believe that we will improve a lot next year. In the last six months, the team has taken several steps forward like all the other teams in the league. Sometimes it takes time, but if you believe in it and believe in your goals… anything is possible. I expected to win something this year, but I didn’t. However, I am very optimistic and confident that things will change next year. So let’s believe it and get to work. ,

Ronaldo also quickly confirmed that he would also be active at Al-Nassr next season. He signed a contract for 2.5 seasons beginning in 2023 and with an annual salary of 200 million euros, he is the highest paid footballer in the world. That could change if Lionel Messi moves to Al-Hilal, while Karim Benzema is linked with champions Al-Ittihad.

“Whether they are great players, youngsters or ‘oldies’… when they come, they will be welcomed. Because when this happens, competition will improve. “The competition is very good, although there are still opportunities to grow. The competition is huge. There are very good teams and very good Arab players, but the infrastructure still needs improvement. Referees and VAR also work a little faster. It is about improving some details. But I am happy here, I want to stay here and I will continue here.

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Of course, Ronaldo thanked everyone who supported him on his adventure in the desert.

“I am really grateful to you. Not only during matches or in the stadium, but also outside on the street and in the places I visit. I will be part of your world, your culture. Although there are differences. For example, One difference is that in Europe we train more in the morning, whereas here it is in the afternoon, afternoon or even in the evening. After 10 pm during Ramadan. It’s kind of strange, but like I said, these conditions Here are part of my experiences. They make memories. I cherish these moments as they give me the opportunity to learn new things. My experience so far has taught me that Saudi fans really love football and life Nothing can be better than this.”

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