The Weeknd about HBO series The Idol: ‘Dracula was the main source of inspiration’ – VPro Cinema

Only one series screened at Cannes this year: HBO Sculpture, About a pop star (Lily-Rose Depp) who falls in love with a mysterious rat-tailed club owner. The owner of that club is played by megastar Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye, who also produces the series (along with Sam Levinson, best known for the teen hit series). Excitement,

a lot to do for months SculptureAmy Seimetz, the director who was initially scheduled to direct six episodes, left prematurely, leaving Levinson himself in the director’s chair. And Rolling Stone wrote a controversial article about all kinds of alleged abuse on the set, with the leading headline ‘How HBO’s next ‘Euphoria’ became twisted torture porn’, Not to mention the content, because in the first episode itself – the press got to see two – the viewer is faced with revenge porn, a masturbating Lily-Rose Depp and a whole lot of toxic masculinity.

Or Sculpture successfully – or correctly torture porn – Can’t say after two episodes. For example, does pop star Joslyn remain primarily a plaything of the demonic forces around her, or is she actually going through a growth spurt? What we can already conclude: The series looks amazing (shot on film, often with multiple cameras at the same time), it paints a fascinating picture of the American music industry and Depp is superb in the title role.

At the press conference in Cannes, Depp, Levinson and The Weeknd elaborated on the allegations in a Rolling Stone article about the portrayal of female sexuality and why a pop star’s life is often lonely.

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