Turbo Review: The French Series Vortex On Netflix Is Intriguing


Vortex is set in 2025 when the technology to track down criminals is a bit further along than it is today. For example, police can completely reconstruct a crime scene through virtual reality. While detective Ludovic Beguin (Tomer Sisley) is doing this, a glitch in time suddenly allows him to communicate with his old love, Mélanie, just days before her death in 1998. Of course Ludovic wants to do everything he can to prevent her death. And Melanie has the same plan. But Ludo now has a new wife and a son and there’s a danger he’ll lose them when he and Melanie start toying with the past.


Cyclone is a crime series at the same time as Ludo has to solve the murder of Melanie and several other women and a relational drama. It seems to be going well together. The series is a real whodunit that keeps the killer a secret until the very end. We’ll admit that it leads to some incredible plot twists here and there. The relational part is probably even more interesting. Will Melanie stay or not? And how does the series bring it to a satisfying end? Trust us, it works. And then the two protagonists, Tomar Sisley and Camille Clarice, are also enjoyable to watch.


4 out of 5 stars

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