It’s official: ‘John Wick: Chapter 5’ is in the works!

The End Of Chad Stahelski’s John Wick: Chapter 4 Leaves Keanu Reeves’ Fate Alive; The main character is in the middle, but now it’s certain: we’re working on it John Wick: Chapter 5,

We know this because studio Lionsgate has confirmed it. And not only will there be a fifth, we also know what other spinoffs and side projects are still in the works.

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fifth in wickSuffrage was inevitable. Part 4 opened earlier this year to a great response and grossed $428 million worldwide.

So the future of the franchise is looking bright. Read below what Lionsgate boss Joe Drake had to say about the future john wick,

“We are working on the franchise all the way right now. Not only is there going to be an AAA game, but we are also looking at more projects to satiate the appetite of the masses.

Officially, we can say that Ballerina is the first spinoff film that will be released next year. Apart from this, we are working on three more projects, which include John Wick 5 and The Continental series.

So the world continues to expand and when the fifth film comes, it will happen in an organic way. But also count on John Wick’s familiar accent.”

Keep a close eye on FilmTotaal for more news about the future of john wickSuffrage.

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