Lily-Rose Depp’s ‘The Idol’ character’s luxurious mansion is The Weeknd’s real home. movie

movieLily-Rose Depp (24) and The Weeknd (33) will be seen on the much-talked-about series ‘The Idol’ streaming on Streamz from Monday. Anyone who has already gotten into episode one knows that the series is full of explicit sex scenes. And many of those spicy scenes take place in main character Jocelyn’s (Lily-Rose Depp) home. The owner of this luxurious villa worth $70 million is none other than Abel Tesfaye himself.

The ‘Blinding Lights’ singer temporarily moved out of her sprawling mansion in Bel-Air so the drama series could be filmed there. The house, which he bought two years ago, is 33,000 square meters and has a cinema, gym, sauna, indoor pool and outdoor pool. According to the producers, it was the perfect setting for pop star Jocelyn, who is portrayed by Lily-Rose Depp.

The recording of ‘The Idol’ was originally canceled at The Weeknd’s house. In fact, the magnificent building didn’t even appear in the picture at first. But after seeing the show’s first draft, Tesfaye and series creator Sam Levinson weren’t satisfied. Then he decided to start over almost entirely. Leaving the series was not an option for us. “It was a dream we fulfilled together,” Levinson told W Magazine. And I said, “Yeah.” And then he completely agreed, “said the director.

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A few weeks later, the entire cast and crew moved to Bel-Air and the world famous singer moved in. “I took my dog ​​and we moved into another house for a while,” The Weeknd explained. His villa was completely transformed for the series. Some of the bedrooms and bathrooms were converted into green rooms and rooms for make-up and hair. In their basement, a full music studio was set up for the series’ composers. The singer revealed that it was very awkward going back to his villa after recording. “I’ve changed all my furniture since then. But I still feel Jocelyn’s spirit in my home.”

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“torture porn”

“The Idol” tells the story of pop star Jocelyn who begins a complicated relationship with nightclub owner and modern-day cult leader Tedros (Abel Tesfaye). The much-loved series also marks the TV debut of the singer, who is one of the producers of the series. That’s why he had a big part in ‘The Idol’.

The series has been on Streamz since last Monday and has received a lot of criticism. The main problem lies in the explicit sex scenes in ‘The Idol’. According to viewers and reviewers, he has no contribution to the story. For example, ‘Rolling Stone’ calls the series “torture porn”. In their review, the magazine also mentions several problems that arose during the filming of the series. For example, Lily-Rose herself does not agree at all with the sexual approach of the male producers and is on the verge of leaving at times. The Hollywood Reporter calls the show “regressive rather than cross-border”. According to many critics, ‘The Idol’ tries so hard to be shocking and innovative that the story becomes stale.

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