Review Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse by Rick Shutinga

Miles Morales single-handedly keeps the streets of Brooklyn safe. Still he misses his spider friends until suddenly Gwen shows up at his door.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is published. But Rated with A on June 1, 2023 7.5 , 10,

Sony and Marvel continue their successful collaboration uninterrupted. Like Into the Spider-Verse (2018), this is another visually stunning film. All kinds of styles pass, represent a unique world or are used in the same scenes when the worlds are merged.

The animations are insane and there’s a lot of fan service and successful jokes. You don’t even realize that the film is two and a half hours long.

“Across is only as good as Beyond will deliver.”

A side note is sometimes the actions are chaotic and messy. Perhaps it’s because of the different animation styles, although the faster and shorter shots seem to be the reason. Be extremely focused so as not to miss anything – you also want to capture all the details.

It doesn’t matter to the story that you remember the passages. Into the Spider-Verse is easy to follow; The story is largely secondary to the spectacle. Still, the film manages to build very well on its predecessor, Into the Spider-Verse.

Across is the first part of a diptych, with part two titled Beyond the Spider-Verse being released next year, completing the trilogy with Miles Morales. The multiverse and superheroes fly around your head – watch No Way Home with Tom Holland or Doctor Strange – however this animated film series knows how to take the concept and really use it.

You feel that Across the Spider-Verse is a step towards a grand climax. Now the villain has grown into something bigger than the clumsy innocent: an unstoppable monster who will lead an all-out battle. Across is only as good as Beyond will deliver, though I have full faith in that.

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