Synchronized swimmer succeeded in ZEW Ermelo Raalte

Emma, ​​Katherine and Nienke.

Emma, ​​Katherine and Nienke.

Photo: Zaev Ermelo

Saturday 3rd June was the annual demonstration competition for synchronized swimming for the North and East Region in Ralte for age group 1 and juniors. The Ermelo association ZEW was represented by 4 swimmers.

This post Zew Ermelo.

very good performance
In Sole Age 1, Cathalijn finished fifth with her ‘fingers crossed’ performance. It set the bar high, because it’s not (so) easy to convey emotion in your performance. The ‘pirate couple’ of Emma and Nienke had to be content with 7th place. A pretty cool feat when you consider that one of the swimmers lost his nose clip shortly after the dive. This means getting water up your nose with every movement and ‘just’ swimming for the rest of the 2 minutes. In juniors, Elsa Lien managed to place 7th with her single to hypnotic music by Adele.

about a performance contest
In a performance competition, a performer swims to music, say a ballet performance in water, where figures and swimming strokes alternate. Synchronized swimming is a jury sport, judged in 3 parts: execution, difficulty and artistic effect. During execution, it is evaluated how the figures are technically executed. The better the split or vertical position in the water, the higher the score. Part of the difficulty lies in the complexity of the figures, the speed of the movements and how the pool is used (zigzag or just a straight line). The artistic effect is about how the music is translated into the movements and the outward expression of the figures and swimmers. The average of these 3 reviews determines the final score.

annual closing show
During the annual synchronized swimming finals show in 3 weeks, everyone can cheer on the synchronized department on display at the Caluna Swimming Pool. Further information will be given on the website Children, both girls and boys, who love swimming, dance and music, and who have at least a Swimming Diploma B can join the training to give it a try. You can register through (email protected)

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