Alexandre De Crew Admits He Didn’t Tell Olivier Vandecastelle Everything: “It Was Difficult, But I Chose It”

Alexander De Crew’s Monday French-language radio program matinee premiere Admitted that he did not explain everything to Olivier Vandecastille after his release. There was part two of the operation – the release of other European prisoners – the Belgian prime minister decided not to tell.


The Prime Minister said in the program on Monday, not at that time matinee premiere of the RTBF, when asked if he had “told everything” to Olivier Vandecastelle. The operation, dubbed Blackstone, led to the return of Assadullah Asadi, an Iranian diplomat convicted of terrorism in Belgium. But three other Europeans were also released, two Austrians and a Dane.

“At the time – and it was difficult – I chose not to tell anyone about the fact that there was a second part. Because the risk was too great for the three people who we knew would be released. But I Wanted to make sure we could do that. His life was more important,” De Crewe said. The three Europeans, freed from Iran with the help of Belgium and Oman, returned to their country via Brussels on Saturday.

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De Crew insisted on Monday, “It has always been our desire to release as many innocent prisoners as possible, of course with priority for Olivier Vandecastelle, who was released a week ago.” “But at that time the deal was settled (with Iran, ed.) Already many people will be released,” he assured.

Olivier Vandecastille has been back in our country since the end of May. , © AP

Belgium has received requests from other countries to assist in the release of foreign nationals held in Iranian prisons. According to De Crew, these governments said, “If you see an opportunity to free them, try it.” “And we have taken these requests to heart,” he insisted.

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