Deezer develops technology to break apart AI numbers

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French music streaming service Deezer is working on technology to identify songs created using artificial intelligence (AI). With the technology, the platform hopes to ensure that music streaming remains “transparent and fair” in the future.

“With over 100,000 new songs uploaded to our platform every day, it is becoming increasingly important to make quality outweigh quantity and champion genuine artists,” said Jeronimo Folguera, Deezer CEO. “Our goal is to eliminate illegal and fraudulent content,” he continues.

Deezer wants to develop a system for labeling music created by AI. This allows artists, labels and users to keep informed about what is ‘real’ or AI-generated on the platform. There is also an option to delete songs.

In April, AI-generated music made headlines with the song Heart on My Sleeve. Drake and The Weeknd’s voices were mimicked in that track. The song was eventually pulled from streaming platforms by order of the artist’s record company.

Opinion is divided on the use of AI in the world of music. Singer Grimes, for example, said she was okay with her voice being used in songs created with the help of artificial intelligence. French DJ David Guetta said AI is “the future of music” after using the technology to add Eminem’s voice to one of his songs. British singer Sting, on the other hand, warned that in the coming years it will be “an uphill battle” for musicians to defend their music against the rise of lyrics written by AI.

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