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Stephen Verbrook And Joshua Migneau

‘Tour de France: The Unchained’
From June 8 on Netflix

Document yves lampertThe farmer’s son from Belgium, which is a surprise in itself, wins the prologue and takes the first yellow jersey. wout van aert Flying over the finish line in Calais. jonas fingerguard whoever succeeds first Tadej Pogakar On his knees in the mountains. They were some of the heroes of the 2022 Tour and will undoubtedly also feature in ‘Tour de France: Unchained’, a documentary series for which Netflix went behind the scenes of the cycling circus last year. Similar to ‘Drive to Survive’, the popular and influential series about Formula 1 that has already had four seasons on the streaming service: a mix of match images and a look into the wings, for which Netflix has been from start gun to end Working until 1977, the finish in Paris was filmed in Jumbo-Visma, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl and Alpesin-Dessinink, among others. In short, the ideal warm-up for this summer’s tour starting on 1st July.

‘Never Have I Ever – Season 4’
From June 8 on Netflix

Series to last for four seasons: Some series are given. mindy kaling Now you can write an achievement to your name: ‘Never Have I Ever’, Kalinga’s delightful teen series in which Indian schoolgirl Devi processes the death of her father while simultaneously trying to get her turbulent love life in order, it Will end the summer four years back. Not because popularity is waning or quality dropping – the third season was as refreshing as the first – but because Devi’s school career is over. Another year of class at Sherman Oaks, another heartbreak with my mother, another round John McEnroe Another season to definitively decide between #TeamDevi or #TeamPaxton, in hilarious voiceovers.

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From June 9 on

Series Until a few years ago, Scandinavian crime scenes ruled the world of TV, it’s been a while since a crime series made a ruckus. Perhaps that will change with “Nordland ’99,” a Danish thriller set in the year of the title. When a young man disappears after a party in the small provincial town of Nordby, his sister and friends begin a search. They don’t have to count on the help of the police, as they think the man is lost. But the deeper they go, the deeper the secrets they uncover. ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Dark’ among others, and a suspenseful series filled with a nostalgia trip to the ’90s.

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‘The Playing Card Killer’
From June 9 on Netflix

True Crime Twenty years ago, in the spring of 2003, Madrid was rocked by a series of gruesome murders. A porter at an apartment building, someone waiting for a bus, a cafe owner and a customer… all were shot at close range and sometimes in the back. A tarot card was found at the scene of the second murder, prompting the Spanish media to refer to him as the “Card Killer”. A playing card was also found at the following crime scenes. When police tracked down the perpetrator in March 2003, it became clear alfredo galan sotillo Dirty game played. He had killed his victims – chosen at random – because he wanted to feel what it was like to take a life, the cards had no meaning: the first was accidental, and because he thought the nickname was cool, he to continue . Galen Sotillo, the first serial killer in Spanish history, murdered six people and was sentenced to 142 years in prison.

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‘Flamin’ Hot’
From June 9 on Disney+

Film Already Controversial: Biopic of Richard MontañezWho has already written two books and given many speeches about how he invented the famous chips Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. eve longoria (“Desperate Housewives”) films her inspiring life story in “Flamin’ Hot,” which shows how Montañez worked her way up from janitor to CEO of Frito-Lay Company. The only problem: The Los Angeles Times newspaper proved in 2021 that the man was not involved in the development of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos at all. “We appreciate Richard’s many contributions to our company, but this is just an urban legend,” Frito-Lay’s official statement said. Screenwriters’ defense is, ‘We don’t make documentaries, we make films.’

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‘Oh, I’m rising!’
From June 9 on Netflix

movie the dutch couple france pluge And Hetty van de Rijt In 1992 the bestseller ‘Oops, I’m Growing!’ Out, a guide for new moms and dads. The Netflix comedy of the same name follows three couples through the first months of parenthood, scarred by breast milk, vomiting, and sleepless nights. directing couple Appy Boudela And rest of rest Earlier, she has made romcoms ‘Just Say Yes’ and ‘Fuck the Love 2’. The cast is full of famous Dutch people – van Yolanthe Kaibau Till then Katja Schurmann – and counts a famous Fleming: Luis Talpe, The trailer sets the tone with an unusual meditation exercise: “Breathe in through the nose… and out through the vagina, your piggy bank of joy.”

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