Hypnotic shows a very poorly executed concept

trailer of hypnotic looked promising. An interesting concept that could have a lot of potential, if developed in the right way. somehow mysterious and special pictures reminded startOr PrincipleBut if he is to be like him in any way, they must come from very good homes.

What is Hypnotic about?

The film follows a detective, Danny Rourke (Ben Affleck), on an ongoing investigation into a series of unexplained crimes. They are also looking for the missing daughter. During his search, he learns that her disappearance is related to a secret government program.

little wonder or depth

hypnotic Starts off as a generic action film without much depth. An anonymous tip may lead them to nab a criminal, but nothing is as it seems. The title pretty much tells it all, as you know the criminal who comes into the picture uses hypnosis. This ensures that an important element can no longer be used as a surprise element. You know the main characters are thinking wrong when they try to draw conclusions and that makes the plot less interesting because as a viewer you know more than the main characters. Or at least that’s what they want you to think.

Hypnotic shows a very poorly executed concept


The Borderlands are soon discovered and Rourke (Ben Affleck) receives exclusive information from another hypnotist. The explanation given here is short and concise. Not really going into details much whereas with a concept like this you have endless possibilities. Here again it seems to have taken the easy route where there is a slight lack of depth. Luckily, the plot twist provides a very welcome novelty.

Interesting concept doesn’t come by itself

What happens next is regrettable. Once again, the potential for such a concept is lost. Everything is kept simple, superficial and easy to fill. In a world with so many possibilities, the least you can expect is something more. Some of the visual effects can be described as downright dramatic. It even seemed to have bottlenecks and bad changes, like it was done in a hurry or there was no time/money left for it.

Despite the hurried ending, a surprise element still happens, which makes about half of the film much better. Is this an introduction to the sequel? Don’t know, but maybe. On the other hand, it also gives the audience an extra push to think about how all this could have happened. one-tenth that kind of mindfuck start Or Principle You gave, but I thought it was a nice addition.


hypnotic A potentially interesting film with a good concept that is very poorly executed. The effects leave a lot to be desired, the plot is simplistic and superficial and some of the actors miss the mark.


  • interesting concept
  • proper cast

Or else

  • mediocre looking
  • (too) simple and superficial
  • little wonder

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