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Do you want to know what will soon be in fashion in the field of clothes, shoes, hair as well as nails? Then Hailey Bieber is the right place for you. She recently brought these nostalgic Nike sneakers back to life, she regularly flaunts in miniscule skirts and doesn’t forget her short haircut that has everyone running to the barber.

This time Mrs. bbs over Era Did glitter donut nails And her beautiful mother-of-pearl nails give way to some colorful designs. And these nails are perfect for the coming summer.

glitter donut nails make way for colorful nails

We regularly delight you with new nail trends, such as satin slip manicure Or this lovely colour. This time we introduce you to Hailey Bieber’s colorful fingers.

Hailey’s Nails

Click on a photo next to Hailey’s post and you’ll see five gorgeous nail art pieces. The basic nude nails that Hailey usually wears have given way to colorful designs that look like they were made with watercolor paint. To recreate this look, you’ll need to spend a few hours in your nail salon chair.

shine like a diamond

Not only do her nails stand out, but the dazzling diamond on her ring finger also cannot be missed. The two pinky rings that Hailey is wearing already cost around $32,000 dollars. Justin Bieber paid $500,000 for his oval diamond engagement ring.

long lasting positive feedback

Apart from her glam nails and dazzling rings, the comments under Hailey’s post are also amazing. For example, the bottom of her post has almost only positive comments, which is pretty unique for Hailey Bieber in recent months. A follower also noticed this and responded: positivity wins today no rude comments , let’s hope it’s a positive era continues.

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Hailey Bieber Says Goodbye to Glittery Donut Nails: It’s the New Nail Trend

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