Jeweler takes Nicki Minaj to court over jeweler damage | Backbiting

Nicki Minaj is being sued by a jeweler for allegedly failing to pay bills for custom jewelry. According to a West Hollywood jewelry salesman, some of the borrowed jewelry was returned damaged.

Minaj’s stylist Brett Allen Nelson signed a contract with the jeweler, reports tmz Based on court documents. The jewelry dealer agreed to lend the jewelry for display. According to him, they will be returned within a week and any damages will be compensated.

According to the documents, the stylist had failed to return 66 pieces of jewelry within the agreed time. When they finally arrived, a pair of earrings and a ring were found damaged.

The stylist would have been informed about the damage through an invoice. But $26,236.50 (over 24,500 Euros) including interest has not been paid.

According to Minaj’s lawyer Jordan Sieve, there is no evidence that the jewelry was damaged by the American. “It appears that this suit is nothing more than a simple insurance claim by the jeweler to generate publicity and the company is not obligated to pay.”

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