Johnny Depp ‘proud’ of daughter despite negative reactions

lily-rose steps up Sculpture Pop star Jocelyn poses in series opening scenes for a photographer who wants to see more nudity. After a nervous breakdown, she seeks refuge in the arms of shady nightclub owner and dark cult leader Tedros, played by singer The Weeknd. With this, she hopes to reclaim her status as a sexy and successful pop star. A series that contains essential nude and sex scenes.

The series received a lot of criticism soon after it premiered. According to viewers and reviewers, those images have no contribution to the story. it’s called hollywood reporter The show is “regressive rather than cross-border.” according to many critics Sculpture It’s so hard to be shocking and innovative that the story feels old.

Still, Johnny thinks it’s great that his daughter is pursuing a career. A source told me, “He’s thrilled to see her become her own person and not let her career depend on her father’s success.” daily Mail, Furthermore, the source also claims that the actor is extremely proud of his daughter. “He is proud of the success of Lily-Rose. Through which he is getting so much attention SculptureJust wanted to say that she is doing well.”

in review Rolling stone Refers to a number of problems that arose during the filming of the series. For example, Lily-Rose herself does not agree at all with the sexual approach of the male producers and is on the verge of leaving at times. Despite negative reactions, Lily-Rose continues to follow mirror However insists that Sam Levinson is ‘the best director’ he has worked with to date and that his opinion is ‘valued’ by him.

You can see more about the series in the video below.

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