‘Kicked multiple times’

One narrowly escaped a major fire, another survived a plane crash: In the latest Beau Monde, six celebs share a story about how they narrowly escaped death. For example, once Leonardo DiCaprio managed to break out of the jaws of a great white shark.

cage diving

We know Leo as someone who likes a bit of adventure: scuba diving, skydiving, having three girlfriends at the same time… yet his adventurous spirit took a completely different turn when he I went cage diving during a few days off the set of the film. Cape Town. Things went wrong when a large piece of tuna – with which they used to lure the fish – got lodged in the cage. A great white shark did everything it could to get the piece.

tuna instead of actors

“He managed to squeeze himself into the cage with only half of his body,” Leonardo says of the large colossus that suddenly reveals itself. “Tuna was swimming on top of the cage, I flattened myself on the bottom. He touched me several times, but I escaped unhurt. Luckily he wanted tuna and not me. People who went cage diving said they hadn’t seen something like this in thirty years.

Since then, the actor has been scared of sharks. “You know what’s ironic?” He continues. “I was there at the invitation of a foundation, they fight for the survival of sharks. I still think it’s a noble organization, but I will never go with them again.” Can we think of something, Leo!

This article is from the latest Beau Monde. It will be in stores from Wednesday, June 7th. In addition to this near-death experience by Leonardo DiCaprio, you can also read about the stories of Ellie Goulding and Drew Barrymore, and you’ll find interviews with Kim Feenstra and Soy Kroon.

Text: Sandra Ten Brink | Photos: NL Images

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