Koen Kruke Has a Modest Farewell to ‘Samson & Mary’: “That’s How It Happens Nowadays”

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Last week it was revealed that Koen Kruk (71) aka Mr Spaghetti is no longer allowed to participate in the Christmas show of ‘Samson and Mary’. That’s sour. In Day All, he says this week: “I only received a bouquet of flowers in feathers as a parting gift.”

Crook tells how it ended for him: “‘We should have had three weeks at the beginning of the year Samson and Mary toured in the Netherlands, but all performances, except one in Roosendaal in February, were canceled at the last minute. That immediately became my last show. So unfortunate, I even shed a tear. As a parting gift, I only received a bouquet of flowers in feathers. It’s like these days, when they can’t use you anymore. I think Baker’s new character Alberto will have to be changed a bit.

Read this also. “An outfit that refers to Alberto”: Koen Kruke prepares his outfit for a summer full of performances

Walter Bayle (59), who is no longer allowed to participate as Van Lemhuygen, has more understanding: “Now that the chapter of Samson and Gert has been closed and a new story has to be written with Samson and Mary, It seems to me a wise choice to have more and more new characters. I have also noticed that the target audience of young children, Samson and MaryThe characters of Alberto and Van Lemhuyzen are hardly known now. Maybe the parents will remember us.”

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