Man tries to cover unregistered vehicle with number plate made of cardboard (Aalst)

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A man had to appear at the police court in Aalst after being caught behind the wheel of a car without valid insurance, inspection or registration twice in three months. A self-made cardboard license plate had to offer a solution.

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In barely three months, the defendant hit the lamp twice in Arpe-Mere because he was not up to date with car inspections, car insurance and registration. For the first time he drove a friend’s car. It was not registered and inspected. The owner originally wanted to register it as a classic car, but backed out. He called the defendant who would eventually take possession of the car.

The original owner said that he had clearly warned that the car was not yet ready to go into traffic. The new owner didn’t care. After verifying his own number plate, he decided to drive it anyway. “I knew exactly that this was not allowed,” VI said in police court.

Cardboard License Plate

After a while, the man ran towards the lamp a second time, this time with the Mitsubishi. He parked it on the sidewalk with the trailer. The man was so inventive as to even provide the car with a self-made cardboard number plate. Also with these new facts, the inspection and registration of the vehicle was not in order.

The defendant had nothing to say against the facts for which he had to appear. He was banned from driving for a year. He will also have to pay a fine of 8,400 euros. If he wants to get his driving license back, he will have to take all the driving tests again. VI will have to return to the police court again on 13 November. Then the man’s fitness to drive is judged.

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