One of the best movies with Leonardo DiCaprio is just on Netflix

film news Leonardo DiCaprio has many great movies to his credit. Many of them are known to us. Netflix also provides us with many movies in which we can admire DiCaprio. We highlight one for you that we think you really need to see.

we are not talking about wolf of wall street or about don’t look up, These are also good films, but we also get another beautiful film in Netflix’s offer.

For this movie we go back to the year 2002 catch Me If You Can DiCaprio plays Frank Abagnale Jr., just 21 years old.

master con artist

Frank, barely 21, plays a devious game. He pretends to be a doctor, professor, lawyer and pilot. He knows how to fool everyone and thus earns a lot of money by making forged checks which he can then easily spend again.

Based on a true story

The story of Frank William Abagnale Jr. may be the greatest scam ever perpetrated in history by someone who was looking for the biggest fish he could catch. When it comes to the truth behind the film, Frank himself has said that the film is about 80% accurate.

Frank Abagnale Jr. had input into the story when it came to the work of book author Stan Redding. catch Me If You Can, Although he was not involved in the film’s script, he has always said that Steven Spielberg was the only person who could best tell his story.


DiCaprio began playing episodic parts in various soap operas from 1979 onwards. In 1995 he played Arthur Rimbaud total Eclipse With David Thewlis and Romain Boehringer. He was really noticed in this film. His real breakthrough in Hollywood came with the grand film Titanic where he portrayed Jack Dawson alongside Kate Winslet.

behind the scenes

Steven Spielberg directed the film. We know him from other movies which achieved huge success like the fabledmans, saving Private Ryan And Jurassic Park,
Besides DiCaprio, we see Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Amy Adams, James Brolin, and Nathalie Baye.

Top entertainment with smart speed

The film manages to get a good score on IMDb where the film takes 8.1/10. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film manages to get no less than an average of 93%. “The light-hearted tone and smart pacing make for incredible entertainment, plenty of natural humor, and Spielberg’s knack for empathizing with antiheroes.”said one of the critics.

on netflix

Stream this entertaining and successful film starring DiCaprio on Netflix.

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