Romi Monteiro reveals all her happy makers

Elisabetta Franchi clothes, Yves Saint Laurent bags, Rihanna’s perfume and of course her boyfriend, because ‘everybody deserves a jasper in their life’. in brand new beautiful monde Apart from Romi Monteiro all are great pleasures and enjoyments.


“I come from a trailer park and family is very close there,” when Beau Monde asks what makes her happy. “I think it’s weird that my boyfriend doesn’t know his cousins’ kids. How is that possible? I see my nephews and nieces as siblings. I felt so warm and loved in my youth I had and hope to be able to give it to my children later.”

big Love

Of course her great love Jasper also makes her very happy. “Jasper and I complement each other well. I’m straightforward, take a lot of courage. He is more careful. I trigger him, he triggers me. He is such a sweet and nice person.

She also states that her mother, Antje, thought it all happened too quickly. “I was engaged to someone else before we got into a relationship. Things moved so fast between Jasper and I, my mom said, she was so attached to her former son-in-law. I said again, ‘Trust me, it’s okay, everyone should have a jasper in their life’. A year later I overheard him telling a friend that Jasper is so funny and everyone should have a Jasper in their life.” Ha!

You can read all of Romy Monteiro’s Happy Makers in the new Beau Monde. In stores from today!

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