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It’s not always easy to be original on a holiday traditionally dominated by socks and beer baskets. But bet these unisex beauty gifts are so cute they’ll make your dad forget the cliche right away? And if not, then at least you yourself have something to do with it.

Gone are the days when a gift for dad meant as little as a bottle of aftershave. In 2023, the beauty range for men has seriously expanded. According to research by Custom Market Insights, the global men’s cosmetics market was estimated at approximately $51 billion. By 2030, it will be no less than about 102 billion Euros.

From exclusive fragrances to nourishing lotions to blissful Zen showers, grooming for men is clearly on the rise. Just think of Harry Styles launching a nail polish line. Or Alex Rodriguez (J.Lo’s ex) who launched a concealer. Although skincare in particular appears to be the strongest riser: Skin care sales for men are set to increase by no less than 23 percent in 2021, as reported by market research agency NPD Group.

Right: Brad Pitt has also released his own skincare 'La Domaine' for men.  Left: Harry Styles' nail polish, under his beauty brand 'Pleasing'.
Right: Brad Pitt has also released his own skincare ‘La Domaine’ for men. Left: Harry Styles’ nail polish, under his beauty brand ‘Pleasing’. © RV

Let this be an inspiration and give your dear father an original beauty gift this year that is simply a man’s cream.

pampering in the bath

Anyone who’s ever found a half-squeezed tube in the shower knows: Men appreciate soft skin and healthy hair, too. And especially if it comes with a wonderful aromatic scent.

Surprise him with a great shower moment for Father’s Day (that you can benefit from yourself, since there’s little difference between men’s and women’s products, other than scent and matte black packaging). The ingredients are exactly the same as the structure of our hair. With a nourishing shampoo and moisturizing shower gel, you can do everyone in the house a favor.

© RR

1. gift label, Gift Box Best Dad Hand Soap & Body Wash, €24.99 at
2. Weleda, Active Fresh Shower Gel, 7.99 euros at Crudewat
3. Aesop conditioner, 41 euros at
4. Apple Man Purist Purifying Shampoo, 18.79 euros in Douglas

Skincare for men: not much different from that for women

Brands such as The Ordinary, Typology and Belgian Likami focus on efficiency and scientific research, regardless of gender. You can see that in their communication – men and women taking turns on social media – and in their packaging: neutral, cool, yet stylish. His credit? Skincare is for everyone.

In principle there are minor differences. For example, men’s skin is usually a little oily. Because of facial hair, they tend to have more sebaceous glands—each hair has a sebaceous gland sac—which also produces more sebum due to the male hormone testosterone.

In addition, their skin is often thicker, with more collagen and muscle tissue. As a result, wrinkles develop later in men, although they are deeper due to stronger muscles. In practice, beauty basics apply to all of us, whether you have dry skin or not. That is, clean, care and protect.

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1. Likami, Anti-Pollution Shield SPF 30, 49 euros at
2. Typology, SPF30 Face Sun Cream with Aloe Vera, €28.50 at
3. Ordinary, Glucoside Foaming Cleanser at Zalando, 12.95 euro
4. Clyde for men Soothing Moisturizing Face Care, 40 Euros at Sentiers d’Allaires

Or give him the original beauty treatment, now available for men too

did you know that in England now there are so-called All Men Beauty Salon Are? A place to wax a hairy back, tame bushy eyebrows or take care of hands and nails without the surprising presence of female customers. not so much mainstream with us at the moment, but with one of these remedy You are guaranteed to score too.

Getty Images/Westend61
© Getty Images/Westend61

• Fast, efficient and effective, this is a potency boosting treatment. This lightning-fast, invigorating treatment gives you the boost you need in just minutes. Not much fuss, but lots of results.

4 Men Power Boost Treatment50 euros at Skincorner in Hasselt –

• Prefer a comprehensive skin-tailoring treatment – where brows are also trimmed if desired? Go for the 50-minute deep cleanse (barley grains and blackheads are removed, too) and of course some well-deserved exfoliation.
weleda facial treatment man, 72.50 euro at Weleda City Spa in Ghent –

Meanwhile, the perfume comes in ‘hybrid’ unisex forms: no gender, lots of character

While the woody and citrusy scents you used to be condemned for in men’s perfumes, you can now find more and more masculine (or unisex) floral-based scents.

On the one hand, this has to do with the extreme popularity of oriental fragrances, where men traditionally prefer heavy floral scents such as jasmine or rose extracts. On the other hand, we are increasingly guided by quality and originality rather than gender boxes.

The result is a more hybrid scent: perfumes without gender but full of character. Which can be worn by both men and women (or everything in between) without any problem. This way you can smell each other all day, even more romantic.

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1. Maison Francis Kurkdijn, L’Homme à la Rose, 195 Euro (70 ml) in Fin du Jour.
2. Lowe’s Array Enthesis, 190 Euro (100 ml) at Bijenkorf.
3. Jo Malone, Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne in Parfuma 120 Euro (50 ml)

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