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samba sneaker

Kendall Jenner, Katie Holmes and Hailey Bieber: They’ve all been spotted in adidas Samba lately. There seems to be no rule for wearing a shoe. Under a suit, under jeans or a skirt, everything is possible. And it’s pretty amazing when you consider that the sneaker was once introduced as a football shoe.

Even more surprising is that the shoe is once again wildly popular. The model was first introduced in 1949. The black version with the white stripes and brown sole is by far the most popular. The brown sole also had a function: the relief in the sole made it easier for football players to grip on icy fields.

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oh, and the name? It is derived from the samba, an indigenous dance of Brazil. In 1950, just after the launch of the shoe, the World Cup was held in Brazil. But as Brazil did not offer ideal conditions to launch the shoe, making it easier for footballers to walk on ice, another way to market the shoe had to be found.

Footballers felt obligated to wear the shoe, associating it with Brazilian culture.

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