Tom Holland’s latest project under fire: The final low point for the actor

Looks like Sam Levinson didn’t know what to do with Tom Holland’s talents.

new series of ExcitementDirector Sam Levinson gets a remarkable Rotten Tomatoes score. The director saw this coming, but what does it mean for the cast?

Tom Holland has starred in the MCU as Spider-Man, but his other roles can’t live up to his Marvel glory. his new series crowded room It’s all supposed to drop, but unfortunately this is a new low for the actor.

low grades

what are marvel movies and series like avengers: endgame, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home And captain america civil war All have very high scores of over 90%.

Holland’s films outside of the MCU, however, hover around 20 to 40%. chaos walk For example have a score of 21% and Cherry Not more than 37%.

bad reviews

crowded room However, with a score of 13%, ranked number 1 among the worst rated series. Of course, it’s not just because of Tom Holland.

The series has received criticism that the surprises are not surprising at all and that the confusing storylines are used clumsily.

However, Holland does receive a lot of praise on Rotten Tomatoes. Her vulnerability adds complexity to her character and this intensity may carry over to the rest of the series. “not match”,

Watch and stream an interview with Tom Holland below crowded room on Apple TV.

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