What Kind of Man or Woman Do You Prefer? Now You Can Name Any Animal From ‘Fox Lady’ To Teddy Bear Nina

Do you want to better understand what you are attracted to? Then, according to a new social media dating trend, you should take a look at the animal kingdom. Some men are eagles, others are cute dogs. And women can also be in one of four – not always equally – cuddly categories. what kind do you come for?

It sounds ridiculous to compare (potential) partners with animals, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, the latest social media promotion and dating experts are convinced that it works. The animal kingdom would be the perfect guide to understanding what kind of person you are attracted to.

For example, women in the dating world have been compared to animals for a while now and the trend is to have the typical facial features of a rabbit, cat, deer or fox. Recently there is also a male counterpart. Ever seen an eagle, dog, bear or reptile on the street or on your dating app? Also, these types will remind you of recognizable behavior, or rather the antics of the animal in question, but according to relationship experts this is not necessarily the case.

1. Sly Fox

Left: Megan Fox.
Left: Megan Fox. © Getty Images/Getty Images

The fox is characterized by an elongated face with pointed features. In particular, the eyes, whose outer corner appears to be raised, are the main feature of this dating type and are a reminder of the cunning and mysterious nature of the animal.

Top model Megan Fox – appropriately so – but Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid also fit the bill perfectly. Singer Taylor Swift also looks somewhat similar fox lady,

2. Feudal Kitten

Left: Cameron Diaz.
Left: Cameron Diaz. © Getty Images/WireImage

Feline females have dark hair in combination with light eyes. Their face is often slightly round, but their jawline and/or cheekbones are pronounced. We often see these types of women as feisty furies.

The actresses Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz or the Brazilian model Adriana Lima are perfect examples of a kitten.

3. Soft as a deer

Left: Lucy Hale.
Left: Lucy Hale. © Thinkstock/The Hollywood Reporter Via Getty Ima

Women of this category are identified with black hair and eyes. They usually have an elongated face with soft features, which gives them a believable and innocent impression.

Hollywood is full of famous deer. Just look at actresses Lucy Hale, Natalie Portman, Nina Dobrev and the great Audrey Hepburn for examples.

4. A cute rabbit

Left: Miranda Kerr.
Left: Miranda Kerr. © Thinkstock/Filmmagic,

The last female dating type is the Rabbit. Their light hair, big eyes and round or heart shaped face give these ladies a cute and adorable look.

‘Mamma Mia!’ Stars such as actress Amanda Seyfried, model Miranda Kerr and Elle Fanning bear some resemblance to this friendly animal.

1. Mighty Eagle

Left: Ryan Gosling.
Left: Ryan Gosling. © Getty Images/Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images

This type of person is blessed with sharp features and tight jawline. He often has a long nose and somewhat small eyes. Thus, the eagle gives the impression that it is clever and strong, both physically and mentally.

Think of actors like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Grant, who have played the part countless times thanks to their dashing presence. cuckold creep.

2. Loyal as a dog

Left: Heath Ledger.
Left: Heath Ledger. © Getty Images/WireImage

Doggy style this time. Big, round eyes and a cheerful grin on his face make a man a real dog. This type looks lovable, dependable and nice and playful and is sure to make every woman melt instantly for his charm.

If we have to put a familiar face on it, we think of the late Heath Ledger, best known for the 2008 film ‘The Dark Knight’. Fellow actors Chad Michael and Rudy Panko are also good examples of this.

3. Teddy Bear

Left: Zac Efron.
Left: Zac Efron. © Getty Images/Getty Images

The ‘bear type’ is characterized by a round face and decidedly broad shoulders. In short, a body you just want to squeeze. Their soft features and lovely eyes make a trusting impression on the bears.

The muscular torsos of Zac Efron and actors like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Brad Pitt certainly fall into this category.

4. An Unexpected Reptile

Left: Timothée Chalamet.
Left: Timothée Chalamet. © Getty Images/500px/Getty Images

This is probably the weirdest type on the list: Reptiles. Ever-think men with tight features, razor-sharp jawlines and narrow, straight noses. Those rare external features match perfectly with the reptile’s whimsical nature.

Hollywood also has some beautiful examples of this. The unusual eyes of actors Timothée Chalamet, Ian Somerhalder and Canadian singer Shawn Mendes seem to be able to look straight into your soul.

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