Estate agents show the most expensive properties in Flanders

Miljoenenhuizen is VTM’s latest TV program which can be seen on TV every Thursday at 8:35 pm from 18th May, 2023. From spacious villas to authentic palaces; All this will pass. Read more about millionaire homes, estate agents and the real estate gems of Flanders in this article.

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Luxury real estate is a booming business. From sprawling villas to authentic palaces, properties worth at least one million euros or more are sold every day in our country. What’s going on behind the scenes in the world of high-end real estate? How do you strike the right deal with a demanding customer? What makes luxury properties special? The VTM viewer discovers this in the new reality program Miljoenhuizen. From the popular Nokke to the chic Braaschat, brokers from three Flemish real estate offices offer a unique insight into the most expensive properties in Flanders.

million dollar real estate agent

Real estate agents go to great lengths to woo the clients with their dream property. From palaces to architectural gems and from modern villas to luxury apartments. No idea is too crazy or too big and the cost is impressive. The cost of each building is several crores. In the VTM program Miljoenhuizen we follow three Flemish real estate offices and their brokers, namely Stephanie, Maxime and Jan van Cambier de Nil, David van Food & Becker and the broker Arthur Rodenberg.

Cambier de Nil in Knokke

What is called luxury real estate, Nokke says. The real estate office of Stéphanie Cambier (33) is located in Cambier de Nile on the Flemish coast. Her parents founded the office, but she is now the leading lady with her husband, Maxime Van Boeckrijk (31). Top seller Jan Tricot (27) completed the team at the age of twenty one. With a great passion for real estate and a smooth tongue, they seek out unique multi-million dollar properties with or without ocean views for their clients. Collaboration is the key to success.

maxim van bockrijk

Maxim van Bockrijk says: “We know what we are working for and I think that is why we are such a strong team. We see the most beautiful buildings in Nokke and you can also see them from companies that do renovations. Works that they have high standards.You hear and see a lot of high, but you shouldn’t compare yourself with them.

Mila and Baker in Bruges, Sint-Martens-Latem and Brussels

Intelligent David Fontaine (33) grew up in an artistic environment and prefers everything that is not standard. That’s how they started the story of Found & Baker six years ago, working in Bruges, Sint-Martens-Latem (which we of course know from the VTM 2 series Latem Leven) and Brussels. Estate agents do not limit themselves to luxury villas, but also sell exclusive palaces set in vast forests.

david fountain

David Fontaine says: “When I started, it was really a story that didn’t exist in Flanders. There were no offices that dealt exclusively with exclusive real estate. We sold castles, conceptual properties, architectural real estate are … in short, everything that is not standard. A good penetration interview is important because that’s how you get to know the customer. A good salesperson is a listener, not a chatterbox.

Rodenberg Real Estate in High Antwerp

The area around Braaschat is a large residential area where Dutch real estate agent, Arthur Rodenberg (42) has been doing his job for more than 20 years. He runs the small company together with his wife Susanne Rodenberg and all-rounder employee Karen van Hoydonk. Initially it was not intended to sell very expensive properties, but their offerings became increasingly exclusive.

Arthur Rodenberg

Arthur Rodenberg says: “When I founded the company, my goal was to sell homes above 500,000 euros. We have become more and more exclusive and now there are hardly offers for less than one million euros. This is a unique There is a biotope, a kind of microclimate. It’s not that the sun always shines, but the weather is always nice.”

Kanye West in Viznagam

What’s it like living next door to the famous rapper Kanye West*? In the first episode of Miljoenenhuizen we get a look at the American rapper’s neighbor’s loft located on the canal in Wijnegem. Broker Arthur Rodenberg is on prospecting with an investor. “If you like peace and quiet, this is the perfect place. If you want, you won’t hear anything here,” said the neighbor. “There are common areas where you can meet, but Kanye West prefers to live a secluded life,” says real estate agent Arthur Rodenberg. “He really comes here for his peace and privacy.”

Ann-Katrin Castleman: Home

What if you don’t get by with just one dressing cream? In the second episode, Miljonhuizen, influencer Ann-Katrin Casselman is looking for a new home for her family. It soon turns out that it’s not going to be an easy task for estate agent Arthur Rodenberg. With 186,000 followers on Instagram and years of experience as an influencer, Ann-Catherine knows exactly what she wants. And that is: a house with more than one wardrobe room. “It’s big enough for Dries, but not for me. I definitely want a double,” it seems. “It’s my job and my personal clothes have to be added as well, but I definitely need to be able to have an overview. I also think it would be useful if my desk was in the dressing room.

girlfriend michael jackson

One who occasionally sells expensive property also gets special customers. In a new episode of Miljoenenhuizen, salesperson Jane Tricot from real estate agency Cambier de Nil is looking for a luxury property for Christine, a childhood friend of Michael Jackson. He once wrote another French version of the song ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ for her. She recently sold her home in Los Angeles and is now looking for a new place in Nokke. “He bought an apartment with me a few years ago. We had a fun find and are now looking again,” says Jan Tricott. “I am so proud that someone like Christine gave me the opportunity to find a property for her and that she feels that someone like me can help her with her finances. can take care of and invest in.”

Apartment Cadzand: 3 million

In the fourth episode of Miljoenhuizen, the audience is taken across the border to Cadzand. (Extra nice for me, as I’m originally from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and used to visit Cadzand and the surrounding area regularly – the area we also visit in Knokke-Off). In Cadzand we get a luxury apartment in the dunes with sea view for about 3 million euros. The house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and spacious terraces (both front and back). Added benefit: When you buy an apartment, you also buy a hotel service. There is an underground tunnel that leads to the adjacent luxury hotel, Blanke Top, where you can also access the spa. You also get a famous upstairs neighbor: Mark Cooke. You most recently saw him as Colonel Mops in The Masked Singer on VTM.

millionaire house

From 18 May the new reality program Miljoenhuizen can be seen every Thursday at 8.35 pm on VTM. You can also watch the program through VTM Go. Did you know that you can also watch VTM Go in the Netherlands? Even if there is a globe in the programs. Here you can read more about watching VTM Go in the Netherlands.

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