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Name Martha Skye Murphy can only ring one bell. She’s been sailing around the British Isles since 2018 with a few singles and EPs, but her tip to the press was mainly due to her stellar contribution “Narrator” by art punk band Squid. There she proved a taste for both sultry whispers and moving operatic voices. In her own work she combines her restrained mournful lyrics with rococo instrumentation. In short, she covers Lingua Ignota like Billie Eilish, only better.

For the rest, Mufi remains rather secretive. Maybe she’s consciously waiting to step out of the shadows or maybe secrecy is her whole purpose. In any case, the mystical image fits his ethereal music. “Dogs” is the first release since Solid Solid From 2021 onwards. Little is known about the song, except that the video is one directed by Billy Howard Price. And there’s actually not one, not two, but three versions. The accompaniment features delicate piano chords and occasional angel cries. Gradually the track becomes more inconsistent and has serious ramifications. That’s all Murphy needed to hook us for six minutes. It takes a lot of guts to sell a semi-ambient project as Artpop, where the danger lurks around every corner that it will turn into a farcical farce. However, Martha Skye Murphy seems increasingly able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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