Filmtheater Cinenbergen Fri 9 to Fri 16 Jun 2023

With Utama (photo)

Filmtheater Cinenbergen Fri 9 to Fri 16 Jun 2023

Allelujah (Premiere)
United Kingdom, Drama/Comedy, English/NL subtitles
Both a high-spirited and funny film hit about growing up in England and never giving up. When a small hospital is threatened with closure, the staff, residents and volunteers don’t let that happen. Judi Dench, among others.
Fri 09 – 11:00 (Senior) | Sat 10 – 20:15 | Sun 11 – 10:45| Tue 13 – 20:00 | Thu 15 – 14:30 | Fri 16 – 20:00

Un Petit Frere (New)
France, Drama, French/NL subtitles
Intimate, dynamic family chronicle about the single but independent Rose who moves with her children from the Ivory Coast to Paris. His sons Jean and Ernest are everything to him. So she encourages them to get the best out of themselves.
Fri 09 – 14:30 | Sat 10 – 10:45 | Sun 11 – 20:15 | Mon 12 – 2:30pm

Stars in the Afternoon (Premiere)
US, Drama/Romance/Thriller, English/French/Spanish/Dutch subtitles
Claire Denis’s thrilling erotic thriller in which an American reporter on a job in Nicaragua can’t go anywhere because she’s lost her passport. An encounter with a charismatic Englishman seems to be his best chance of survival.
Fri 09 – 20:00 | Sun 11 – 16:15 | Mon 12 – 20:00 | Wed 14 – 14:30

Cesaria Evora
Portugal, Biography / Documentary / Music, Portuguese / English / French / Creole / Dutch subtitles
An intimate, romantic portrait of the ‘barefoot diva’, singer and world star Cesaria Evora. Her voice took her from poverty to stardom, but her only dream was to be free.
Sat 10 – 14:00

Werner Herzog – Radical Dreamer (Premiere)
Germany/United Kingdom, Documentary, German/English/NL subtitles
Insightful documentary about Werner Herzog, director of unforgettable classics about little people with great desires, a filmmaker who always emphasized the power of nature over man. With Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale and Wim Wenders.
Sat 10 – 17:00 | Sun 11 – 13:30

France/Jamaican, Drama/Comedy, French/Japanese/English/NL subtitles
Gabriel Carvin (Gérard Depardieu) receives his third Michelin star as France’s head chef. Where the other cooks would be overjoyed with happiness, Gabriel is deeply saddened. Every reason to seek happiness in him, himself and the special taste of umami.
Tue 13 – 14:30

Book Club: The Next Chapter
US, Drama/Comedy/Romance, English/NL subtitled
In the charming sequel to Book Club, four book club friends take the first real girls’ trip of their lives… to quaint Italy. With Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenbergen and Andy Garcia, Vincent Riota, Craig T. Nelson and Don Johnson.
Wed 14 – 20:00

Sparta (Premiere)
Austria, Drama, Romanian / German / Dutch subtitles
New film by renowned Austrian director Ulrich Seidl (Hundstage, Rimini) in which we follow Ewald in his forties who radically changes course with a group of boys to build a fort and head to the interior of Romania Slip out. He feels free even though he remains a victim.
Thu 15 – 20:00

Lo Origin Du Mal (Premiere)
France/Canada, Drama/Thriller, French/NL subtitles
Sébastien Marnier’s black and mysterious comedy perfectly exposes the gulf between the rich and the poor. When Stefan suddenly seeks contact with her estranged and extremely wealthy father, the question arises: is she really who she says she is?
Fri 4 – 11:00 (Senior)

best (new)
Bolivia, Drama, Spanish/Quechua/NL subtitles
A moving account of Virginio, whose scarred face is torn apart like the earth beneath his feet. He leads his herd of drunken llamas across the scorched plateau of the Andes. No rain, no snow… Consequences of global warming.
Fri 16 – 14:30

Filmtheater Cinnebergen, De Zwart Schoor, Euvigelen 7, Bergen NH (navigation: Rudweg);

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