Formula 1 comes up with its own TV series inspired by Williams

Now that Formula 1 is more popular than ever, commercial rights holder Liberty Media is constantly looking for new sources of income. Ultimately, there’s enough room to turn F1 into a genuine media franchise, beyond the sport itself.

netflix docudrama drive to survive led to a series of projects such as the Netflix series sennarobert de niro movie Formula and Brad Pitt and Sir Lewis Hamilton’s untitled Apple Movie project.

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dts+ game of thrones

After all kinds of other parties have fled the sport, Formula 1 gives it a try on its own. A Formula One Management production through production company Bedrock Entertainment One Launched, an intense family drama focusing on the inside and outside of a Formula 1 team. seems a simple combination of approaches drive to survive And game of Thrones.

The lead role is played by Felicity Jones, known for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story And principle of everything. The 39-year-old Brit also gets to double up as a producer. writing duo Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (children of Men, iron Man, Spread) Will be responsible for the script.

Claire Williams

The Formula 1 team the show revolves around is fictional, but there’s inspiration for One Of course. The casting of Jones in the lead role signals a family team with a female team boss. We’ve only seen this once in the history of the game. Between 2013 and 2020, Claire Williams was at the helm of Williams Grand Prix Engineering. However, in typical style, the Hollywood version is a bit more edgy.

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Bedrock Entertainment and Formula 1 have yet to provide further details. For example, it is not clear where and when the series will be shown. The reason for the secrecy is the ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood. As union members, writers providing tips for One are currently unable to work. Work can start only after the situation is right One To start.

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