Hogschool comes up with original solution after industrial kitchen fire: “Daily menu today is barbecue” (Hasselt)

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On Thursday morning, it burned down in the conference and catering building D of the Hogeschool PXL in Elfde-Liniestraat. The kitchen is badly damaged, the rest of the building was spared. “Our self service won’t be open this afternoon, so we’re putting barbecue on the menu now.”

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Rudi Rampelberg, head of PXL Catering, says, “A fire broke out in the reception area of ​​our catering warehouse around 4 a.m. Thursday.” “The fire detection system and sprinkling Took effect immediately. As a result, the fire services were also called. The fire was also witnessed by an early walker in Kappermolenpark, who himself called the fire brigade.

“The fire brigade was able to prevent more misery,” says Andy Tresinski of the Department of Buildings and Technology. “The fire was confined to the reception area and a small part of the commercial kitchen. The rest of the kitchen, restaurant and other conference facilities remained intact. After a thorough investigation, the fire service released the building to reopen so that normal operations were not compromised. Our facility services are currently working with the necessary specialists and suppliers to get everything restored as quickly as possible.”


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“Our catering equipment may not be fully utilized at the moment,” says Tresinski. “As a result, our self service will not be able to open this afternoon. But we quickly figured it out by switching to barbecue from our daily menu. This way our students will not be inconvenienced during their exam period and they certainly will not have to go hungry.

“So we turn a necessity into a virtue. And today the sun is also present. The sandwich bar and Nespresso bar offer are open today. Finally, the conference center also has the necessary solutions for external visitors so that their activities are always May they continue as they are. They will not have to starve this afternoon as well.”

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