Jenna Ortega’s cry crumbles under pressure: “Simply toxic”

Jenna Ortega is only 20 years old but is already a big name in Hollywood. The young actress managed to break through mainly thanks to the popular Netflix series WednesdayBut despite the fact that she enjoys the job, it’s not always just fun…

Ortega says she is often the victim of “Internet trolls” and she struggles with it. So she begins by saying: “Social media can be really difficult, especially for young people. It’s also very clever. One person says something and then many others agree,

It doesn’t stop here. Ortega continued by saying that she loves to joke around on social media, but is very careful with what she posts because it is easily misinterpreted. The actress says that now she too is often bullied as she is a big name.

,Some people see that you are vulnerable and turn it around in a way that makes you feel really bad“. At that moment, the actress burst into tears: “it’s so strange. Sorry I didn’t know this was going to happen,

,Finding the right balance is very difficult. How can you be as honest as possible without negative consequences for your own health and well-being? It’s so easy to feel like you’re losing control,

Watch the full interview, which also features Elle Fanning, below.

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