Kanye West Was Already a Fan, Now This Ukrainian Car Is Saving People in Flooded Areas in Kherson

Images from flooded Kherson show how residents are brought to dry land with striking amphibious vehicles. The angular car Sherp, made in Ukraine, proves to be very effective in extreme conditions.

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Snow, ice or mud, nothing can stop the Sherpa. The car looks more like an armored vehicle than a normal car. It easily climbs objects up to one meter high and climbs slopes of up to 35 degrees. With four-wheel drive and wheels that are more than five feet in diameter, the Sherp is designed to glide through marshes with ease. Crossing a river is a piece of cake: the amphibious vehicle always floats regardless of the depth of the water, so the Sherp seems eminently suited for use in floods.

This is not the first time that Ukraine has rescued victims of natural disasters with this four-wheeled vehicle, Sherp has been deployed several times since 2020. With a length of 3.4 metres, the compact car could accommodate six people, with victims also being carried on stretchers.

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Based on monster trucks, the car was designed by Russian engineer Aleksey Gargashian. A Ukrainian entrepreneur bought the rights to the car, which rolled off the assembly line at Quadro International’s factory.

The Sherp is powered by a diesel engine with an output of 44 horsepower. The maximum speed is up to forty kilometers per hour on land and six kilometers per hour on water. The amphibious vehicle can also tow a 2.4-ton trailer.

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Lots of copies are now circulating in the US and Canada as well. Not only is Sherp being watched by rescue services, Kanye West is also a fan. Rapper picked up in his video clip follow god Out with a sherp. He also promoted his Yeezy sneaker with it and gave a copy to singer Chris Brown. If you are now ready to own a new car: The basic version without options goes for more than 100,000 euros.

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