Kylie Jenner pulls out $41,000 Rolex from her purse

We all know that Kylie Jenner has a lot of money (millions, if not billions) and so it should come as no surprise that she probably handles her stuff a little differently than the rest of us. In a recent TikTok video, she does “what’s in my bag” and without batting an eyelid takes out a tiny Rolex from her bag without any security or anything.

Kylie Jenner grabs a Rolex from the bottom of her purse

The first thing she does is pull out some Kylie Cosmetics products from her bag, which isn’t really shocking considering she’s the founder of the beauty brand. But what does she take… a tiny Rolex that once belonged to her, but is now worn by her 5-year-old daughter, Stormi. She says she wore it to a birthday party but soon didn’t want to wear it anymore so Kylie put it in her bag. A bag from Bottega Veneta, which isn’t very cheap either… as you might have guessed somewhere. Although she doesn’t have a Zara bag, No way.


♬ Sweet Sunset – Tollan Kim & Dulai

“If Stormi doesn’t want her watch, I have mine,” The reaction of a fan is something like this below the video. Yes, we want the same. With 41,000 Euros we know what to do, even if it is only because it becomes possible to buy a house. and we are not Salty Yes, maybe a little. Anyway, it is of course dream that you wear a Rolex but in reality you have no idea of ​​its value.

part 2

She also does a second version in which she pulls even more random things out of her bag. Gum, rings, a Coachella strap, a Covid mask, a hair clip, blush and more. just like us, except for rolex, which is decent out of our reach.


♬ Sweet Sunset – Tollan Kim & Dulai

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Kylie Jenner casually pulls a $41,000 Rolex out of her purse during the “What’s in My Bag” video

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