Local Council. After major flooding in Bree: new rainwater scheme should stop the nuisance (Brie)

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The problem of the flooded cyclist tunnel will also be tackled. , © Pbra


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Rain Water and Drought Scheme: Alderman for the Environment Mario Knippenberg (N-VA): “After major flooding in the Center and parts of Bree in the summer of 2019, we have worked with the Department of Fluvius and Waterways to develop a plan for how we can handle rainwater and drought For example, buffer basins have already been installed and the new center is equipped with a simple underground system for reusing rainwater.” Dries Tyskens (Rejuvenation): “On 7 May, the cyclist tunnel on Road Cruislan was refilled: how is this possible?” Public Week Alderman of Cobar (N-VA): “This is due to a problem in the pump basement of the tunnel.” reason. It will be resolved by the engineers at AWV.”

Container Park: “Last September, the container park in Brie closed and we learned that Brie and Bocholt are going to build a new container park together in Bocholt,” says Sietse Wills (Rejuvenation). “Now we hear that there are problems with the zoning permit because the future park borders on agricultural land. The municipality of Bocholt has already failed twice for the development of the SME site on the canal after complaining to the Council of State . We fear that the container park will suffer the same fate: despite these doubts, Brie has already paid 60,000 euros for the land in Bocholt. And will the deadline be met? The new park to be in use in a year Mayor Lisbeth van der Ouweera (Onbrie): “A container park has no impact on potential agricultural activities in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the municipality of Bocholt can provide compensation for agriculture in its area. It has been discussed and now we are waiting for the approval from the deputation. If we walk, we can realize the park in a very short time: it is not a problem from a construction point of view.

litter: Councilor Lambert Nayons (Rejuvenation) said, “The amount of waste is a thorn in many people’s side: do something about it.” Environmental Ship. Jo Vandersteijn (OnBrie): “We have been selected in the OVAM coaching process and apart from the information, we also get 30,000 Euros to tackle the project.”

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